July 1, 2021

Episode 101: Dear Diary… (Prologue)

By Smart City Diaries

What would the world look like if every human was connected, working together to lead our transformation to a healthier, happier society? On this very special premiere episode of Smart City Diaries, Anna and Debbie introduce the series, laying out the past, present and future of Smart Cities. Together, our hosts discuss the growing dilemmas our cities are facing, from inequality to climate change to the generational gap, because the fact is, we need to know what the problems are before we can fix them.

Smart City Diaries aims to bring about the realization that, no, things do not need to be the way they are now, we can make change, we can be sustainable, we can be green, we can be healthy and happy, and create better lives for ourselves and the world around us.

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Hosted by Anna Acosta and Deborah Acosta

Directed and Edited by Brandon Katcher

Marketing and Outreach by Zachary Borja and Mary Celestin

Associate Produced by Ann M. Marcus

A Lost Summit Films Production