July 28, 2021

Episode 103: Big Data and Me

By Smart City Diaries

On the third episode of Smart City Diaries, we are talking about Big Data. How do cities use your data, and what does that mean for your privacy? Join hosts Anna and Deborah Acosta as they usher us all the way back to the pneumatic tube, the worlds first high-speed data transfer system, and then trace data’s path through the world of Internet of Things and IP Hubs. And in this journey, we are joined by our very first guest, Carl Nielson, Managing Director of Smart Cities and Global Partnerships at CityData.ai, and self-proclaimed tech interpreter. Learn how cities are using our data to reduce traffic, create more green space and improve efficiency. Just remember to read those terms and conditions!

Not only that, we’re talking about social media cannibals, and our forgotten scientist heroes who made the covid vaccine possible.

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Hosted by Anna Acosta and Deborah Acosta

Directed and Edited by Brandon Katcher

Marketing and Outreach by Zachary Borja and Mary Celestin

Associate Produced by Ann M. Marcus

A Lost Summit Films Production