August 18, 2021

Episode 104: Jeremy from the Block(chain)

By Smart City Diaries

On this brand spankin’ new episode of Smart City Diaries, join hosts Anna and Deborah Acosta as we attempt to answer the question: What the hell is blockchain? Spoiler Alert: We aren’t talking about bitcoin, because it is so much bigger than that. In order to unravel the tangled understanding around blockchain, we are joined by Jeremy Goodwin, Founder and CEO of SyncFab, who is revitalizing American manufacturing by utilizing a blockchain-powered supply network. And as our lives become increasingly digitized, how will blockchain change the way we live, work and play?

Not only that, we’re talking evil landlords, forgetting your password, and joining the RV lifestyle. So sit down and enjoy the show!

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Hosted by Anna Acosta and Deborah Acosta

Directed and Edited by Brandon Katcher

Marketing and Outreach by Zachary Borja and Mary Celestin

Associate Produced by Ann M. Marcus

A Lost Summit Films Production