September 8, 2021

Episode 105: It’s Electric (Boogie Woogie)

By Smart City Diaries

Strap in and get ready to ride the electric slide with Anna and Debbie. On this episode of Smart City Diaries, we journey back to the roots of electrification and the bitter rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, a grudge match that ignited the electric revolution powering our planet. But with climate change and increased demand testing the limits of our energy grids, how can cities adapt and innovate to keep the power flowing? Hint: It’s Microgrids!

For good measure, we’re going to be talking about Puerto Rico’s energy troubles, taking care of Mother Earth, and the great streaming crackdown. We’ll keep the lights on the for you!

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Hosted by Anna Acosta and Deborah Acosta

Directed and Edited by Brandon Katcher

Marketing and Outreach by Zachary Borja and Mary Celestin

Associate Produced by Ann M. Marcus

A Lost Summit Films Production