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Smart City Diaries is a dynamic technology podcast, a multimedia experience designed to educate, entertain and engage a diverse audience, creating an open door into a living laboratory – Our Cities. 

Join entrepreneur hosts Anna Acosta, and her mother, Deborah Acosta – women from two culturally, economically and emotionally disparate generations, as they weave a “Smart City” roadmap that educates the audience through illuminating, challenging conversation with diverse experts, creating a safe space for innovators around the world – all in the pursuit of the fundamental question: What is a Smart City? 

Each week, through wholly unique perspectives, our passionate hosts will examine the innovations and long-reaching effects of technology on social equality, environmentalism and the future of our cities, in an entertaining and inspiring light. As women of two different generations, Deborah and Anna aim to create a bridge between worlds, demystifying the intersection of tech and city life, and providing a level playing field on which experts and regular folk alike can engage meaningfully on subjects that impact us all. 

The Smart City Diaries Podcast will utilize high-end remote recording solutions, along with original music, video, and inspiring social interactions to build a community of innovators, joining hands and aiming for the future.