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July 1, 2021

Episode 102: Better off Broadband

On the second episode of Smart City Diaries, join Anna and Deborah as we take a deep dive into the history of broadband, from 14.4k to gigabit speeds. Once a luxurious curiosity, the internet has become a necessity in our day to day lives, and has connected the world in unprecedented ways. But in the states, our connection is still determined by a few powerful […]

July 1, 2021

Episode 101: Dear Diary… (Prologue)

What would the world look like if every human was connected, working together to lead our transformation to a healthier, happier society? On this very special premiere episode of Smart City Diaries, Anna and Debbie introduce the series, laying out the past, present and future of Smart Cities. Together, our hosts discuss the growing dilemmas our cities are facing, from inequality to climate change to […]