August 18, 2021

Episode 104: Jeremy from the Block(chain)

On this brand spankin’ new episode of Smart City Diaries, join hosts Anna and Deborah Acosta as we attempt to answer the question: What the hell is blockchain? Spoiler Alert: We aren’t talking about bitcoin, because it is so much bigger than that. In order to unravel the tangled understanding around blockchain, we are joined by Jeremy Goodwin, Founder and CEO of SyncFab, who is […]

July 28, 2021

Episode 103: Big Data and Me

On the third episode of Smart City Diaries, we are talking about Big Data. How do cities use your data, and what does that mean for your privacy? Join hosts Anna and Deborah Acosta as they usher us all the way back to the pneumatic tube, the worlds first high-speed data transfer system, and then trace data’s path through the world of Internet of Things […]

July 15, 2021

Broadband Infrastructure

There are many stories about impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on revealing the digital divide for all to see. When I reflect over the past year, the story that stands out for me is that of Russian student Alexei Dudoladov. This 21-year old student at the Omsk Institute of Water Transport was, like so many of his global peers, forced to return to his home, […]

July 15, 2021

Dear Diary: The Almighty Internet

Dear Diary, When I was in my early 20’s – so, 500,000,000 years ago – I moved around a lot. I could say it was the wanderlust of youth, but in reality I was just flat broke and was constantly chasing a rent I could stay on top of once my student loans ran out. Eventually, I moved in with my Tia Nena in Echo […]